Become a Masculine Man

Spartan man and masculine warrior

Welcome to Masculine Empire, a new collection of content targeted at the modern man. The purpose of this site is to explore what defines a man, in the context of myriad topics curated and oriented specifically for the intelligent man.

Notice, in the first two sentences to appear on this site, I have referred to both the “modern man” and “intelligent man.” In my observation, these monikers have, unfortunately, become mutually exclusive, rather than exist in a relational state.

Additionally, I have purposely used “man” as opposed to “male.” The distinction is important because their very definition is different. What Masculine Empire will focus on are the characteristics, mannerisms, actions, and thoughts of a true man. As he should truly be defined. Not as we often see him in the wild.

To be crystal clear: having a penis (whether you were born with it, or acquired it later through modern medical practices) does not make you a man.

The implications of what I’ve said so far can be far reaching, and as such, you will find a broad swath of topics covered on Masculine Empire. Some of the general issues you will find addressed here are:

  • Defined: Being a Man
  • Relating to women as a single or married man
  • Life pursuits to cultivate masculinity
  • Importance of critical thinking
  • Travel & global culture
  • Technology & science
  • Religion
  • Deconstruction of current events
  • Much, much more

Masculine Empire will bring you original content from a variety of men specifically curated for the purpose of providing a broad collection of perspectives on all manner of topics. These men are single, married, divorced, in their 20s or 30s, Christian, Catholic, non-practicing, firefighters, business owners, well-traveled, multi-lingual, etc. But unequivocally, they are men, expressing the masculine traits of the virile sex.

As you read, keep in mind that cultivating multiple perspectives is a crucial component of critical thinking. As such, you may not agree with everything you see on Masculine Empire, and the authors themselves may express thoughts and ideas seemingly at odds with each other.

What does that mean for you, and others, who are trying to define yourselves as men? It means there is no singular definition or path to achieve manhood. But there are common threads that you will see woven in to each post, providing you, the reader, an opportunity to extract that which is relevant to your own life. If you simply want to be told, step by step, what to do to improve yourself and become a true man, you have come to the wrong place.

The intention of Masculine Empire is to express thoughts and ideas in practical, pragmatic, positive tone, thus encouraging you, the reader, to respond in a positive way. And when I say “respond in a positive way” I mean actually taking action as a result of what you have read. Whether that means rethinking principles you have taken for granted, stepping out of your comfort zone, or encouraging others to make a necessary change in their own lives, is completely up to you. The individualized experience is beyond my control, but generating some level of impact is what will drive this site forward.

Read, form opinions, comment, send email, tell your friends. There is little I find more unforgivable than apathy and cowardice. Healthy debate is encourage. Trolls will be banned. The content is free to consume, but costly to ignore.

Time to stand up, build your personal Masculine Empire, and be a fucking man.