Carpe Diem: The Motto of a Man

strong man seizes the day carpe diem

I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it. – Thomas Jefferson

Do you constantly wish for something unexpectedly wonderful to happen to you? Ever day-dream about a beautiful woman walking up to you and telling you how much she likes your smile? Do you buy a lotto ticket (or 10) every week in the vain hope that you will strike it rich, knowing the odds are something like 1 in 273 million?

Do You Believe in Magic?

magician pulling a rabbit from a hat

If any of this resonates with you, it’s possible you may be living your life under a cloud of delusion. Even worse, you may be wasting your life entirely; failing to achieve anything meaningful. Or successfully leaving a lasting impression on anyone. Should you die today, would you leave behind a void that others struggle to fill, or would people hardly notice your absence?

Moving through life wishing, hoping, and waiting for something good to happen to you ensures that nothing ever will. The feel-good stories you see in media; the movies with the down-on-his-luck character who ends up getting the girl/job/money; the lottery commercials saying anything can happen; it’s all orchestrated to make you feel a certain way. You think, well that dude experienced so-and-so, and I know I’m a better guy than him, so I deserve the same thing.

This is dangerous thinking, and incredibly detrimental to your ability to achieve satisfaction in life. Your minor accomplishments pale in comparison to what you see happening to others, so you begin to fixate on more elaborate images of achievement. This fixation can lead to a deterioration in your motivation to do important things like take your job seriously, eat healthy food, hit the gym, socialize with others, flirt with women, etc. Unchecked, you become an introverted, antisocial, narcissistic guy with self-entitlement issues. Before you know it, you’re sitting alone in your dark room playing World of Warcraft just to feel a sense of accomplishment.

In short, you are no longer a man. And your ceiling of potential has dropped so low you can’t even stand up straight.

Break the Cycle


I took this thought process as far as I did in order to outline the real possibilities of living your life banking on chance and luck. Sitting back and waiting for something to come along is a complete waste of your time.

While you’re hoping and praying, a real man is strategizing and working. And that man is going to acquire whatever it is you think you deserve. The real man is challenging himself, volunteering to do the tough job, pushing himself to improve, helping others around him.

Karma is complete bullshit, but what is true is the more you invest in yourself and others, the more benefits you will reap as a result. Carpe diem.

If you find your natural response is to sit back and let things work themselves out, you’re giving yourself over to the power and efforts of others. What you need to do is take charge of your life, and avoid allowing others to affect your sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Ownership of your thoughts and decisions is a key component of inspiring action. Knowing you only have yourself to depend on (read: blame) for a well-developed sense of satisfaction should encourage you to reevaluate your thought process when facing life’s daily challenges.

Carpe Diem, Mother Fucker

If you don’t like your job, start networking and talking with recruiters. Even if you don’t take a new job, discovering that others are interested in your skills and talents may give you the strength to talk with your boss about a promotion. Want a beautiful, loving girlfriend? Build your confidence by hitting the gym and regularly talking with the fairer sex. Always dreamed of traveling the world? Volunteer to build houses in Ecuador or teach English in China. Carpe Diem.

The point is, just decide what you want to do and make a simple plan to accomplish your goal. Determine what it will take to achieve the desired result, and establish simple steps to measure your progress. Whatever you do, do not fucking sit there hoping to win the lottery so you can make your dreams come true. If you’re alive and in good health, consider that your winning lotto ticket.

The currency you have to work with is your remaining hours on this earth. Are you going to sit there alone, waiting and wishing (believing in magic) or are you going to be a man, take life by the balls, and build your empire?