The modern man must look to worthy influences in order to develop and harness his masculinity. In the spirit of knowledge sharing, Masculine Empire presents a curated collection of recommendations for inspiration, enhancement, critical thought, community, and cool shit.

Essential Reading Recommendations

The Way of Men   The 48 Laws of Power   The 4-hour Workweek   The 4-hour Body

Born to Run   The Professional   Women: A Novel   World Without Cancer

Useful Product Recommendations

Pro-ject Debut Carbon DC  Gary Clark Jr. Live  80lb-kettlebell


Cod Liver Oil for Testosterone Support  Omega-3 Fish Oil  Pullup Bar  Patek Philippe Luxury Watch

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Awesome Videos

Interesting Podcast Recommendations

1. No Agenda Show

2. The Tim Ferris Show

Neomasculine Web

1. Chateau Heartiste

2. Voat

3. The Rational Male

4. Return of Kings

5. Jack Donovan


7. Single Dude Travel

8. Men’s Rights Blog