Your World May Be A Lie

living a lie inside a bubble

Have you ever noticed how people tend to build a carefully structured reality around themselves specifically designed to make them feel safe? You can often see it when attempting to have a deep conversation about a potentially controversial topic. Regardless of how much logic you employ, the individual’s emotions seem to overshadow everything.

What started out as a an intelligent conversation has morphed into selective application of individual principles, suited to the person’s own view of the world. No longer are you debating the merits political overhaul, for example. Instead, you find yourself marveling at the person’s inability to look beyond their accepted version of reality, fighting against your broader view of the world. Fascinating.

In this limited, but carefully controlled construct, an individual is able to semi-consciously filter information flow in order to retain a greater sense of control of their life. As long as what they hear and see doesn’t upset their existing worldview, they can accept the input. A sense of balance is achieved, however false it may be. There is harmony in the mind because nothing is allowed to upset the balance. Deviating from the individual’s accepted norm is akin to suggesting murder for sport.

Exposing the Lies

modern civilization city

I experience this rather often when discussing our modern civilization with others. They are hamstrung by their inability to evaluate the world at the meta level—to step back from the microcosm that is their life—and see the bigger picture.

The very idea that a greater set of motivations drives the daily events which captivate the average mind is unfathomable.

Consider: celebrity deaths. Political scandal. Race wars. Actual wars. Record corporate profits. Left vs Right. Gun control. Militarization of sporting events and local police. Feminization of men. “Lone wolf” terrorism. Mass shootings.

There couldn’t possibly be more going on here, could there? The mainstream media isn’t under the control of the government and corporate interests, is it? It makes complete sense for the American president to send troops in to Iraq/Syria/Lebanon/Afghanistan without the approval of Congress, right? Homegrown, lone-wolf terrorists are planning to attack airplanes and schools every day, aren’t they? The billions of dollars the pentagon can’t keep track of isn’t really an issue that affects me. Nor is our $18 trillion in national debt.

Take Control of Your Life

ants carrying leaves

Next time you’re outside, look on the ground for an ant, and watch it closely. Observe how it scurries around, dodging small pebbles and cracks. Running from the hive to a scrap of food, and back again. Its entire world exists in a microcosm of earth, and it has no idea you are standing there watching.

You can add or remove blockades, forcing the ant to work harder. You could pick it up and move it 100 yards and effectively cut the ant off from every other living being it has ever known. You could drop bread crumbs like mana from heaven. Or you could press down gently with your thumb and end the ant’s life.

It is dangerous to live your life like the ant, believing the only things that matter are what you can see in front of you. Manipulation is achieved by use of carefully crafted messages (read: memes) and filtered information for the purpose of eliciting a desired response. The weaker the mind (read: the more distracted the mind) the easier it is to manipulate. Our world is full of distractions, carefully cultivated and disseminated to provide cover for what is actually important.

What is amazing to me is how few people are even capable of asking the right questions. Even more baffling is what happens when you ask someone to consider these increasingly important issues. Any semblance of logic dissolves more quickly than sugar in boiling water. An outpouring of emotion quickly follows, triggered by the need to feel safe in the lie that our world is small and simple.

This is particularly prevalent in women, being the more emotional of the sexes. It is truly remarkable how a woman’s utilization of logic is often shattered at the first insinuation she may have reached an imperfect conclusion. Rather than employ logic to defend her position, she will employ emotional rhetoric, cleverly disguised to sound like a logical argument.

When her argument is then applied to a similar topic, and the “logic” fails, she generally goes on the offensive against the person she is conversing with. All the while, there are fantastical leaps to new judgements, holding little to no basis in reality, but providing emotional support as her world comes under attack.

Does this mean women are incapable of logic, and thus, as men, we should simply avoid conversations of substance with them? Perhaps, but one could argue this in a variety of ways. Personally, I am convinced there are women in this world who are smarter than me. I am also convinced each of them is driven more by emotion than logic, because it is their nature.

That’s not to say men aren’t emotional too. Men simply have greater control of emotion, being driven much more by the fight-or-flight mechanism. Thus, in general, it is easier (read: more effective) to challenge a man’s view of the world, and ask him to re-evaluate at a meta level.

Your Challenge: Live a Life of Understanding

The thinker thinking deep meta thoughts

And so, men, I challenge you. Lift up your eyes and take a hard look at what is going on around you. Evaluate your motivations when choosing to spend money. Ask yourself why you can’t sleep. Don’t focus on what happened yesterday. Focus on what has been a pattern for years. Begin to frame a meta world view.

Are you driven by healthy desires for joy and achievement. Or are you masking insecurity and fear? Do you really believe your elected officials are acting with your best interests in mind? Do you believe the black vs white race-baiting on TV are a message you should absorb?

And, if you don’t believe the message, then ask yourself why that message is being propagated ad nauseum. Why is autism now a spectrum that every child can be placed on? Why are boys medicated four times more often than girls in America? Why is the entire political environment framed as Republican vs Democrat when there are multiple other political parties in America?

You can live your life as an ant. But if you do, you’ll never see that thumb coming down to take your life away from you.